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Adverse Action

Did you know that a candidate who you reject, or whose employment offer you withdraw could make a claim for Adverse Action?

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COVID-19 Infection Control Training

Did you know there is free COVID-19 Infection Control training available for your team via the Australian Government Department of Health website?

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Casual Employment Information Statement

Did you know that all employers are required to provide their casual employees with the Casual Employment Information Statement, which can be found on the Fair Work Ombudsman website?

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Compassionate / Bereavement Leave

Did you know that Compassionate / Bereavement Leave should not be deducted from an employee's Personal Leave (or other leave) entitlements?

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Did you know that counter-offers rarely work?

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Definition of Casual Employment

Did you know that in March 2021 the Fair Work Act was updated to include a new definition for casual employees?

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Family and Domestic Violence Leave

Did you know that all employees (including part-time and casuals) are entitled to 5 days' unpaid Family and Domestic Violence Leave in each 12 months?

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Pandemic Leave

Did you know that pandemic leave has now been extended in many Awards until 30 June 2022?

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Did you know that an employee who is terminated during probation can still make a claim with Fair Work?

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Public Holiday Exchange

Did you know that many Awards allow for an Employer and an Employee to agree to exchange a gazetted public holiday for another day?

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Did you know that even if an employee resigns from their employment, they may still be able to make a claim with the Fair Work Commission for unfair dismissal?

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Did you know that best practice is to provide your employees at least 4 weeks’ notice of any shutdown period?

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