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People Framework Basics
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Whether you are starting out, or you look around and you have grown so quickly you haven’t had a chance to build your people framework at the same rate as you’ve employed people; having a solid people framework in place is integral to your ability to further grow and scale your business while limiting your governance risk. 

We will help you build your framework from the ground up, with a focus on equipping operational leaders with confidence and competence to effectively manage their team. 

We start with conducting an audit of your current processes and work with you to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. For this, we use our free online tool: People Review Checklist


  • Employment contracts 

  • Modern Award and industrial compliance 

  • Policies and procedures 

  • Employee Handbook

  • Position descriptions focused on outcomes, not tasks  

  • Compliance training (e.g. WHS, Conduct, Sexual Harassment) 



Best Practice 

  • Salary survey review and role remuneration benchmarking 

  • Development of Vision, Mission, and Value Statements with underpinning behaviours 

  • Onboarding Framework: 

    • Reference checks 

    • Onboarding checklists 

    • Onboarding survey 

    • Probationary reviews 

  • Organisational design to outline current and future organisational structures

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