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HR Software Implementation

Implementation of HR Systems

  • Choosing a suitable HR System (HRIS) to support your organisation can be challenging, as there are a large number of systems in the market at all different price points and with various levels of customisation and flexibility. Someone experienced in vendor selection from an HR-application perspective can add value to your procurement process to ensure you select the best IT solution for your needs.

  • Once a system has been selected, there is more to it than "plug and play". A successful implementation requires a thorough project plan that considers not just the set up of the system to meet the operational needs, but how the employee group are to be trained and engaged in the use of the system to ensure maximum return on the investment.

  • ELMO Software is an Australian-owned HR and Payroll cloud-based technology provider. While their implementation consultants are highly experienced technical advisors, they are not equipped to bridge the gap between the technical system set-up and the organisational processes and change management required for an effective implementation.

  • It's not uncommon for organisations to expect their existing team to deliver an implementation as well as execute their business as usual role, with no additional assistance; however, this can be counter-productive - delaying the roll-out or compromising the thoroughness of the plan.

  • Whether ELMO, or another software system, it is worthwhile engaging an HRIS Implementation Specialist to support your successful implementation.

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