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Performance & Termination


  • One of the challenges of running a business with employees is ensuring they are engaged in delivering high-quality outcomes for the organisation, with not only what they do, but how they act. A pragmatic HR Consultant can help you.

  • Outcome-based performance management provides the most engaging and productive outcomes for employees and their managers. To achieve this, businesses need to get the basics right:

    • Clearly defined organisational goals, targets and values

    • Outcome/KPI-based position descriptions

    • Regular and direct feedback to review progress to goals, values and KPIs.


  • If your employee is not performing, despite your best efforts to support, train and guide them, or due to a significant breach (theft, abusive behaviour etc), termination may be your only option.

  • Prior to taking the steps to terminate an employee, it is worth seeking advice to ensure that you have a full understanding of the potential risks and to ensure you complete the termination process using a just and fair process.

  • If a termination does result in a Fair Work claim, you don't have to go to a lawyer, you can use a skilled Workplace Advocate for your Industrial Relations Support.

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