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People Management Solutions

Whatever the issue you face within your organisation, people are the answer. It could be underperformance, lack of engagement, lack of training and development, wrong people in the wrong job, or misaligned expectations - any of these issues can have significant ramifications on the overall success of the organisation. 


  • One of the challenges of running a business with employees is ensuring they are engaged in delivering high-quality outcomes for the organisation, with not only what they do, but how they act. Aligning your Values-driven behaviours and your performance framework will help you achieve this. 

  • Outcome-based performance management provides the most engaging and productive outcomes for employees and their managers. To achieve this, businesses need to get the basics right: 

    • Clearly defined organisational goals, targets and values 

    • Outcome/KPI-based position descriptions 

    • Regular and direct feedback to review progress to goals, values and KPIs. 



To help you manage your performance feedback session, we recommend our clients use our Feedback 5 methodology, which you can access for free here: Feedback 5 



  • If your employee is not performing, despite your best efforts to support, train and guide them, or due to a significant breach (theft, abusive behaviour etc), termination may be your only option. 

  • Prior to taking the steps to terminate an employee, it is worth seeking advice to ensure that you have a full understanding of the potential risks and to ensure you complete the termination process using a just and fair process. 


  • If a termination does result in a Fair Work claim, you don't have to go to a lawyer, you can use a skilled Workplace Advocate.


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