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Service Areas

We are based in NSW and provide services to clients all over Australia and New Zealand.

Our major service areas within NSW are Parramatta, Sydney, Newcastle, and Port Stephens.


Technology for Managing People

Developed especially for small organisations of 1-200 employees who would  like to have access to software to support their owners and leaders to manage, engage and develop their people.

  • Employee Lifecycle Software including:

    • Manage leave requests in one place

    • Store documents safely in the cloud

    • Plan appraisals and recognise achievements

    • Easy to use employee database with bulk management

    • Easily manage team performance

    • HR Dashboard & Reporting

  • ​Learning technology, which allows you to:

    • Educate your team on important topics

    • Courses, progress & achievements in one secure place

    • Streamline your onboarding process with ready-made courses

    • Access to a range of engaging courses

  • Option to add Payroll and Rostering to help you plan and pay your people.


Performance & Termination


  • One of the challenges of running a business with employees is ensuring they are engaged in delivering high-quality outcomes for the organisation, with not only what they do, but how they act. A pragmatic HR Consultant can help you.

  • Outcome-based performance management provides the most engaging and productive outcomes for employees and their managers. To achieve this, businesses need to get the basics right:

    • Clearly defined organisational goals, targets and values

    • Outcome/KPI-based position descriptions

    • Regular and direct feedback to review progress to goals, values and KPIs.


  • If your employee is not performing, despite your best efforts to support, train and guide them, or due to a significant breach (theft, abusive behaviour etc), termination may be your only option.

  • Prior to taking the steps to terminate an employee, it is worth seeking advice to ensure that you have a full understanding of the potential risks and to ensure you complete the termination process using a just and fair process.

  • If a termination does result in a Fair Work claim, you don't have to go to a lawyer, you can use a skilled Workplace Advocate for your Industrial Relations Support.

HR Software Implementation

Implementation of HR Systems

  • Choosing a suitable HR System (HRIS) to support your organisation can be challenging, as there are a large number of systems in the market at all different price points and with various levels of customisation and flexibility. Someone experienced in vendor selection from an HR-application perspective can add value to your procurement process to ensure you select the best IT solution for your needs.

  • Once a system has been selected, there is more to it than "plug and play". A successful implementation requires a thorough project plan that considers not just the set up of the system to meet the operational needs, but how the employee group are to be trained and engaged in the use of the system to ensure maximum return on the investment.

  • ELMO Software is an Australian-owned HR and Payroll cloud-based technology provider. While their implementation consultants are highly experienced technical advisors, they are not equipped to bridge the gap between the technical system set-up and the organisational processes and change management required for an effective implementation.

  • It's not uncommon for organisations to expect their existing team to deliver an implementation as well as execute their business as usual role, with no additional assistance; however, this can be counter-productive - delaying the roll-out or compromising the thoroughness of the plan.

  • Whether ELMO, or another software system, it is worthwhile engaging an HRIS Implementation Specialist to support your successful implementation.

Employee Engagement

Innovating with People

  • For most organisations, the cost of paying employees is one of the top three expenses, if not the top expense. As a result, ensuring your people are giving you a return on your investment is as important as ensuring you get the most out of your social media and marketing budget.

  • Speaking of marketing... are your employees walking billboards for your organisation? Do they know the elevator pitch? Do they know your sales/revenue targets and how in their role capacity they can contribute to these outcomes? If you answered no to any of these, you are wasting a key resource and lacking employee engagement.


Employee Engagement

  • Engaged employees feel part of the organisation and can see what their contributions achieve each day.

  • Employees who don't just think of it as a job are more likely to give discretionary effort, provide better customer service, reduce waste, share ideas and stay.

  • Organisations can more effectively engage their people so they are happier, healthier and more productive by:

    • Developing a feedback culture, using the Feedback 5 methodology

    • Recognising and rewarding positive behaviours

    • Setting business goals in consultation with your team

    • Consulting your team about their health and safety - physical and psychological

    • Opportunities for a career path and/or personal and professional development.

People & Talent Strategy

People, Talent and Growth Strategy Planning

  • When organisations devise a periodic business plan they consider their sales targets, market share, point of difference, new channels, profitability, marketing, branding and sales strategy, operational efficiencies and innovation, procurement and fulfilment; but not always what skills their team will need to deliver those outcomes. Watch the 10-minute presentation on Planning for Future Skills. Read More


Generalist HR Advice and Services

  • Whatever the issue you face within your organisation, people are the answer. It could be underperformance, lack of engagement, lack of training and development, wrong people in the wrong job, or misaligned expectations - any of these issues can have significant ramifications on the overall success of the organisation. Read more


HR Growth Mentor

  • Even when your organisation has a dedicated HR person, they may not be fully equipped to deal with every matter that arises and/or you need to offer them the chance to grow and develop their skills too.

  • Tailored mentoring programs developed to address current organisational challenges, while providing live, relevant and experiential development for the HR employee. Read More

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Employee Engagement
People & Talent Strategy
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