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People & Talent Strategy

People, Talent and Growth Strategy Planning

  • When organisations devise a periodic business plan they consider their sales targets, market share, point of difference, new channels, profitability, marketing, branding and sales strategy, operational efficiencies and innovation, procurement and fulfilment; but not always what skills their team will need to deliver those outcomes. Watch the 10-minute presentation on Planning for Future Skills. Read More


Generalist HR Advice and Services

  • Whatever the issue you face within your organisation, people are the answer. It could be underperformance, lack of engagement, lack of training and development, wrong people in the wrong job, or misaligned expectations - any of these issues can have significant ramifications on the overall success of the organisation. Read more


HR Growth Mentor

  • Even when your organisation has a dedicated HR person, they may not be fully equipped to deal with every matter that arises and/or you need to offer them the chance to grow and develop their skills too.

  • Tailored mentoring programs developed to address current organisational challenges, while providing live, relevant and experiential development for the HR employee. Read More

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People & Talent Strategy
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