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Definition of Casual Employment

Did you know that in March 2021 the Fair Work Act was updated to include a new definition for casual employees?

Definition of Casual Employment

In March 2021, the Fair Work Act 2009 (FW Act) was amended to change workplace rights and obligations for casual employees.
The main changes include:
1. A new definition of a casual employee - a person is a casual employee if they accept a job offer from an employer knowing that there is no firm advance commitment to ongoing work with an agreed pattern of work.; and
2. Clearer pathways to 'casual conversion', leading to permanent employment. In some cases via the obligation of the employer to offer permanent employment; and in other cases, at the request of the employee.
As a result of these changes, all employers are required to provide a copy of teh Casual Employment Information Statement (CEIS) as soon as possible after the casual employee commences.
The CEIS can be accessed on the Fair Work Ombudsman website.
If you need support or advice to manage your casual employees correctly, we are here to help.


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