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Departing Employee Checklist

Your employee tells you they are leaving... and how they exit should be a positive experience that leaves them feeling appreciated and valued, as well as protecting the business from the risk of a loss of intellectual property, assets or reputational damage. To assist business owners and leaders to facilitate the departure process; access the Departing Employee Checklist.

Letter of Expectations

A letter of expectations is most often used for senior employees, leaders, or knowledge workers who have been engaged to deliver outcomes, most often on a salary.

A letter of expectations is generally not considered a disciplinary letter, however, “draws a line in the sand” when an employee’s conduct, performance or actions have not aligned with the expectation of their manager or leader.

It is a way to clearly set out exactly what is expected of them in future and put them on notice that disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment is a likely outcome if they do not make the required adjustments to meet the expectations.

Onboarding Survey

The first 90 days of a new employee's engagement with your business is critical. It will determine their level of productivity, engagement, and likelihood of staying around. A new employee's impression of your organisation starts from before they even apply for a role and their view develops over the course of the recruitment, selection and onboarding process into their first 90 days of employment.

Objective Setting

Your guide to writing clear, measurable goals that take away the guesswork and subjectivity of assessing performance

Feedback 5

Do you regularly give and receive feedback to your team? If not, is it because you are worried they will get upset if you give them negative feedback, or because you don't know what to say or ask? The Feedback 5 tool will help you manage a regular feedback habit with your team.

People Review Checklist

Are you comfortable that your business is compliant from a Fair Work and HR best practice perspective? This People Review Checklist will help you identify any gaps.

Employment Contract Checklist

It is best practice to have a written Employment Contract (or Employment Agreement) in place. These documents should protect your business, set basic standards of conduct and responsibilities of your employees and be compliant with the Fair Work Act (or other relevant legislation).