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Subscribe to Fair Work updates

Did you know that you can subscribe to free updates from the Fair Work Ombudsman website, to ensure you stay connected with changes to the Fair Work Act?

The types of information include:

  • pay and award changes

  • important industry updates

  • changes to workplace laws

  • our employer newsletter

  • media releases.

When you sign up, you can choose the information that you would like to receive.

To subscribe, simply follow these steps:

  • go to the Subscription centre

  • enter your name and email address

  • select the information you would like to receive from us

  • click the subscribe button at the end of the selection.

You can update your preferences at any time.

Of course, if you would prefer we stay abreast of changes for you; subscribe to our newsletter ( and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook, to see what needs you attention in your organisation. Our clients also receive tailored information regarding their applicable Awards or other industry-related HR news.


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