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We are dedicated to empowering small-to-medium businesses and not-for-profits in navigating the complexities of managing people. 

We understand the intricacies involved in maximising your investment in your people. Let us guide you through innovative solutions, ensuring a thriving and harmonious workplace environment.

If your people are not aligned with your goals, values and expectations, it will lead to wasted time and resources, resentment, and missed opportunities. 


If your organisation is not compliant with Awards, Agreements and various legislation, you could lose everything due to fines, back-payments and/or reputational damage. So, protecting your organisation is key to you having a good night's sleep! 

By ensuring your people are onboarded effectively and engaged throughout their time with you, they and the organisation will continue to grow, and long-term objectives and sustainability will be achieved. We will provide the support you need to get there.

Team Meeting

"ELMO Implementation was at a standstill due to lack of resources at the workplace. Engaging Martha's team helped us move into a more modern HRIS space that suited our workforce. Martha's team were very responsive to our needs, helping us move into the ELMO space. They were timely with their services and very helpful in explaining options and coming up with solutions to suit our needs."

Tamara Clark

Centacare Catholic Country SA 

"Often when I need HR advice, I need a fast resolution and I was able to sort this situation out with only one explanation and a few emails working with Martha."

Tony Ward



Gladstone Region Restaurants

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“Honestly, I would not change anything. Lisa from Martha Travis People Innovators has been fabulous! She has guided us through some difficult HR issues, and I have always felt Lisa was on top of her brief, and her advice very sound. In addition, she has been instrumental in assisting us to implement our new handbook and annual review process.”


Patrick Borg,

Amber Beverage Australia 

Image by Jenny Ueberberg


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