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Jennifer Benedek

Marketing Consultant & Coach | Founder

Jennifer Benedek specialises in marketing consulting and coaching, partnering primarily with service business clients on their unique marketing journey aligning with business goals. Her passion for using a tailored approach to marketing is to build confidence and understanding, attain clarity and reduce overwhelm so clients experience small and big wins and successes to propel their organisations and achieve goals and growth for sustainable success.

Jennifer advises on marketing strategy to facilitate marketing decisions, whether organisations operate locally, Australia-wide or as part of global brands. Evaluating the marketing puzzle using our organisation’s proven A to E Framework, out-of-the-box thinking and considering online and offline marketing for each client’s situation delivers a clear direction. You may decide to continue working with Jennifer to back your commitment and investment in your marketing path.

Regular sessions would be ideal if you feel you’d benefit from ongoing external input and to keep marketing top of mind for your business marketing to happen. Or you may contact external marketing professional Jennifer when you need an independent perspective and critical thinking to solve your burning questions or to help you get ‘unstuck’.

Clients trust Jennifer and the FWD Focus team to advise on and handle their marketing specialty elements and the related areas of market research, business development and sales.

Working with business owners, executives and HR professionals, Jennifer designs a strategic approach to involve an organisation’s people across all roles in marketing, benefiting the business, clients and customers and team members; a win-win-win.

Another core capacity is reviewing and training on an organisation’s market research survey projects to ensure richer insights for more informed decision-making.

She brings a diverse background of 25 years with a combined experience in marketing, market research, business development and sales. She is a co-founder of her company of almost ten years, owns several businesses and holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing). Key marketing client industries include HR and People Journey; Health, Healthcare and Medical; Professional Services and Property.

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