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Lindsay King
Business Advisor. Growth Strategist. Exit Consultant.

Lindsay King

Business Advisor. Business Mentor. Profit Strategist

Is there further profit and growth potential in your business ?
Who is helping you to uncover it and action it ?
What is your exit plan? Do you know how a buyer would value your business?
I've worked with hundreds of SME businesses over the last 25 years. Most of them have lacked a high level support partner, someone to steer them through these big questions towards a proper plan.
In many cases there is potential for further growth and better returns in your business....its commonly sitting below the surface. It just needs to be uncovered, an Action Plan put in place, and accountability provided.
At the same time many owners want to know how saleable their business is and what value could they expect to receive from a buyer. Much can be done to improve saleable value. Most owners don’t realise it. They jump into a sale decision with haste.
As an accredited business broker and former CPA accountant I have the tools and experience to provide that vital valuation information, and most importantly help owners with a plan to maximise saleable value in the lead-up to a sale process.

0417 270 871

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