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People, Talent and Growth Strategy Planning

  • Scalability is an important consideration for organisations planning to grow and expand and the people aspect is a crucial component.

  • Change inside organisations can be painful - costly from a time and resources perspective, and can disengage key team members. Much better to build healthy employee habits early, than to wait until the organisation has grown to a size where layers and processes are needed; and try to retro-fit these. Check out the video on the "Seatbelt Analogy"


Generalist HR Advice and Services

  • Build HR capability and systems, with a focus on equipping operational leaders with confidence and competence to effectively manage their team.

  • Transactional support for:

    • Employment contracts

    • Modern Award and Industrial compliance

    • Position descriptions; and

    • Policies and procedures



HR Growth Mentor

  • Examples of possible mentoring program topics include:

    • Industrial Relations, Fair Work matters, and dealing with Unions

    • Developing and rolling out a change management project

    • Teaching the managers to "fish"

    • Workplace investigations and negotiations

    • Strategic thinking and planning.

General HR
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