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Be happy, live longer

Those in my network who have had a conversation with me in the recent past, likely know that I am passionate about holistic health and how this impacts us at work, our leadership, and our ability to be the best version of ourselves in all aspects of life.

light bulb.

Initially I developed an interest in neuroscience and how this can be used in a professional development context; particularly as it applies to leadership; and I completed a course with the About my Brain Institute to become an i4 Neueroleader Trainer.

However, my true "light bulb" moment occurred about 1 year ago when I was watching a docuseries called "Broken Brain" and learned that sugar was was like pumping Roundup into my brain. I'm a knowledge worker, so my brain is pretty important to me....

I have also been a horrified bystander to my elderly mother gradually losing her cognitive abilities and have been trying to encourage her to take on board some of what I have learned in an effort to curtail the impact. But you can't control the choices others make; only educate and hope that they apply something that might make a difference.

As a result, I have become more and more interested in how a holistic approach to health can impact every aspect of our life, from how clear of mind we are, how resilient to set-backs, how effectively we can function, and how well we can show up for others in our life.

Today, I started watching the first in a 9-episode docuseries titled "The Human Longevity Project" and while it was a bit sciencey and heavy going in places, if you have given any thought to your health, that of your loved ones, and future of the human species, I encourage you to have a look. At the time of writing, there is only about 19 hours left to view the link for free, so get to it! Click on the logo below to access Episode 1.

My key take-away is that when it comes to our health, we choose...

"What we put in our mouths; when we move our body and how we move it; who we hang out with; how much sleep we get; and how we think about things around us"

Matt Riemann

You can access more of the highlights from this episode in the Resources and Tips section of my website.


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